Supply Chain Change Management

Supply Chain is an integrated part of change management and its features are  implemented in multiple scenarios in the solution.

Change Requests are implemented to handle requests from anyone even including external partners such as  manufacturing partners for any requested changes, which then can be routed around in the organization for impact analysis and thereby optimize both visibility and the time is takes to handle requests.

Change Orders are implemented not only to include Supply Chain in the change process but these orders  can go all the way out to the external contract manufacturer for sign-off and thereby eliminate none value added work in the supply chain.

In order to make the change process as complete as possible, change requests can be related to change orders and make sure that every related change is in the correct stage before completing the change process.

Processes for implementing manufacturing changes which are often a particular focus of the Supply Chain function have also been implemented with Manufacturing Change Orders in the solution.

Even more capabilities are implemented including applying changes to products that have been released to different lifecycle stages.  For example, changing something when the product is released for "volume manufacture" and changing something for the same product when current release is to the status of "pilot manufacture". To understand all the additional capabilities and to gain  further understanding of the advanced features, please contact Minerva.