Download Minerva Data Viewer

The Minerva Data Viewer is a tool to help our customers communicate with their external partners. The Data Viewer can open and view the data packages exported from Aras Innovator with the Minerva Data Export. The package contains all the product information required by an external partner to manufacture and/or identify changes to a product. Files are embedded into the package and can be extracted by the partner. Another useful feature is the ability to compare versions of a product and highlight changes between them with redlining and colour coding. The Minerva Data Viewer is free to use and to download.

This download requires that you accept our EULA and terms of use.


Key features:

  • Export Product Data
  • Partners utilize free Minerva Viewer
  • Search for data as you do in Aras
  • Navigate structures and data
  • Export to Excel
  • Compare Revisions with Redlining
  • Files are embedded in the package


Download Data Viewer


Download DataViewer v11.5 (Innovator 11 SP9-SP15)