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Managing a total Product Record in the Electronics industry.
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Minerva Data Viewer

The Minerva Data Viewer is a tool to help our customers communicate with their external partners. The Data Viewer can open and view the data packages exported from Aras Innovator with the Minerva Data Export.
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Time to Market
Streamlining the execution of the product development process
Making Product Data Management more effective to eliminate none value added administrative work
What is happening to my product design and where are we in the processes.
Master Data Management for all design
One place to get the total overviewof the entire product record incl. mech, electronics, software, documentation, test etc.
Improving internal collaboration and extended data and processes to external partner (manufacturing & design)
Change Management
Structured processes for change management specifically design for the electronics industry
What was the product design e.g. one year ago, what has changed and why
Quality & Compliance
Extending into issue, NCR, CAPA and environmental compliance (RoHS, REACH)