Engineering Mechanical Design

PLM for Electronics offers both a direct CAD integration capability and a light more cost effective integration for Mechanical design integrations.In Electronics companies the Mechanical design is typically not as complex as seen in other industries and therefore the number of people working with Mechanical CAD is limited. Many Electronic companies therefore choose to have a light integration to the Mechanical CAD design by taking the output of the design process and using the import tools to get the design data into the total product record. Having advanced management of the native files with integrated check in and check out functions is available ("Hyperlink to Aras"). Many companies perceive the individual management of Mechanical, electronic or software design data as little value creating , but the ability to manage the change and release process of the total product record is vital.

Included in PLM for Electronics is an intelligent import tools which enables you to easily support this process or  you can implement direct CAD connectors.